Rafael Nadal is considered as one of if not, the greatest players in the world of tennis as he is known for setting a record following his victory at the 2022 Australian Open which brought his tally to 21 Grand Slam titles

However, the Spaniard interest in sports is not restricted to tennis only. The 35-year-old superstar grew up as a football fan and he also had opportunities of chasing the sport professionally when he was exploring before eventually settling down with the world of tennis. Yet, he remains a football fan till today and one of many that plays jeux de casino en ligne.

What football team does Nadal support? The Spaniard revealed to the world that he is an avid Real Madrid fan and he has been loyal to them ever since he was a kid.

There was even a case when one of his family members was signed to Barcelona. Nadal said to the media: “My dad and all my family have always been Real Madrid fans.

“When my uncle played for Barcelona, they obviously encouraged him.

“Later he returned to Mallorca and since then we have been divided: some are still Barcelona fans, others Real Madrid.”

Nadal always ensures to stay up to date with the events ongoing in the Spanish team from anywhere he is, and he rarely misses a match.

In his autobiography ‘My Story’, Nadal said: “Football was my passion as a child, and remains so today. I can be at a tournament in Australia or Bangkok, and if there is a big Real Madrid game on TV at five in the morning, I’ll wake up to watch it – even, sometimes, if I have a match later that day.

“And I’ll build my day’s training program, if needs be, around the timing of the games. I’m a fanatic.”

With Nadal clocking 35 years of age, there were speculations that the tennis star might get involved with Real Madrid age some stage, with the player admitting that he would love a presidential role at the club.

He said: “If you ask me if I would like it, of course, I would, why not? But there is more to it… I think it will not be.

“We are very good as we are. We have a great president right now [Florentino Perez], and I don’t think Real Madrid need me, but we never know what can happen in the future. It is not something I can raise today.”

Miguel Angel was Nadal’s paternal uncle that played for Barcelona for eight years; 1991-99. He had previously played Mallorca before returning back to the club for his eventual retirement in 2005.

Playing as a centre-half, Angel, who loves games from online casino sites, was able to win five La Liga titles, three Copa del Rey, and one European Cup during his time with Barcelona.

Angel also represented his country, Spain, making 62 caps which includes appearances in three different World Cup tournaments as well as the 1996 European Championship.

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