So, the rest of the division, whether it be United investing in Lukaku, Arsenal in Lacazette or Chelsea going for Morata, have all looked to upgrade their strike force. Tottenham Hotspur however, haven’t even showed a glimmer of interest in any main man up top, because of a certain Harry Kane.

He’s not got bags of pace, but he’s got enough. He doesn’t have a Berba-esque first touch, but it’s good enough. He hasn’t got the greatest hold up play, but he can shrug off a man. He’s no Andy Carroll in the air but he wins his fair share. The thing which sets Harry Kane apart is his ability to find the back of the net. He will look the keeper dead in the eyes and you know he will bury the chance .

It would appear that in his time as main man at Tottenham,since when he put a free kick in against Aston Villa to give Spurs a late win,the Englishman has only gone upwards.

The thing about Harry Kane is he takes more shots than your average centre forward, whether it be a flick on at the near post or the pile driver from the edge of the box, but the best part is he will almost always hit the target and on occasion generate a rebound for a team mate to drive home.

Breaking down Harry Kane’s numbers when compared to the rest of the world would appear to put the Englishman in the top bracket of strikers at a very young age.

Harry Kane’s stats as compared to other top Forwards in Europe. Via Squawka

Kane has more goals from outside the area, a better shot accuracy, more shots from outside the area as well as the best goals per game ratio and the best attacking score as per squawka, not bad for a three season wonder.

And this is not even against players in the same age group, all the above players are much older, much more reputed and somehow fall short of Kane’s standards, all this whilst playing for a smaller team in comparison to Bayern Munich or Barcelona.

Another very big bonus for the messiah is the fact that he can create a chance out of nothing, a skill very few centre forwards in the division can boast of and it’s not entirely dependent on the production line of Alli and Eriksen to open up a situation.

When compared to the rest of the division in the Premier League amongst last seasons highest goal getters, Kane’s overall game is quite astonishing.

The HurriKane towering over his rivals in the league in certain key metrics.

Kane makes the most number of key passes, creates the most chances, scores the most goals from outside the area and has the best shot accuracy. In addition to all this, Kane also moves the ball along the most and gets his side playing with a considerably higher average passing length compared to the rest.

Kane has no equal in the Premier league and is in a class of his own. Whether he can repeat or perform on the European stage against tidier defenses remains to be seen.

Another quality of Kane is his telepathic link up with Dele Alli. Kane is not shy to vacate the №9 position and drop into a 10, and allow Alli to bombard forward to get a shot away. Over the 90 minutes, they will pull away atleast a couple of times from the opposition no matter how tight the defense.

Several instances over the last 18–24 months have shown how good the pair are, even for example in Spurs comfortable 2–0 win against the eventual leaders, Harry Kane dragging David Luiz and Gary Cahill out of slot to allow Alli a free header against Moses, illustrates just how good the two players know each other.

At the end of the day, what Harry Kane does is very simple. He finds the back of the net no matter what the task in front of him is , whether it be an on rushing keeper to be chipped or a defender to turn inside out, or a penalty to slot home, he’s got ice running through his veins. The HurriKane seldom goes missing, and if he carries on like this, Alan Shearer will be worried. Something you wouldn’t have imagined a one season wonder could ever do.

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