Chelsea fc ban

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Chelsea has recently been hit with another transfer ban due to the war that is going on in Ukraine with the owner of Chelsea FC being rumoured to have links to Russia and what they are doing. The transfer window is not far off, and Chelsea FC reportedly had a 200m war chest to spend during this window before the ban came into effect with football fans placing bets on what players they think will be signed with UK casinos not on GameStop like at CNOG providing the different betting markets.


Chelsea currently sits in third place 10 points off league leaders Manchester City, so they are doing well in the season so far. The news that the club can no longer be sold, and player contracts can’t be extended now is causing some problems for the club with them also not being able to sell any merchandise or tickets to matches. There are rumours that if the club is hit with further punishment, they could face a 9-point deduction amongst a lot of large fines as well.

chelsea fc ban

It is not yet certain if the club can be sold and still be active during the summer transfer window if a new owner was to come in and take over the club. It is currently being discussed with the government on what Chelsea can or can’t do. Chelsea is one of the best clubs in the world so it will be in everyone’s interest to ensure that the club gets back on track with a new owner and try to put this behind them as the club have been hit hard by things, have no control over. Chelsea fc fans will hope that their transfer ban is lifted soon.

The future

The future for Chelsea Football Club currently looks uncertain with the government putting restrictions on what the club can currently do. There are rumours that within the next five days the club can still be sold to a new owner although this is yet to be confirmed so this is just a rumour now.

If the rumour turns out to become true this will be good news for Chelsea and everyone who is involved with the club, including the fans. If a sale does go ahead, the transfer ban should be lifted and Chelsea FC should still be able to sign new players and sell unwanted ones during the summer transfer window. Only time will tell what will happen with Chelsea Football Club and this week could be one of the most important in the club’s history.

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