MLS Wayne Rooney Legendary

DC United was going all guns blazing in July 2018. They were on a great run of form and were very close to the playoff spot. On 12th August, they had to face Orlando City at Audi Field in a crunch match. They could not afford to lose this game, and their captain Wayne Rooney was aware of this fact. The scores were tied at 2-2 when DC Won a corner in injury time. Having no other option but to go for the win, Rooney ordered their goalkeeper to come up for the corner. It was make or break for the DC United players.

The corner was taken but Orlando City managed to clear the ball. Their defenders charged forward. They sensed the moment. DC United’s goal was unguarded, and it would only take a bit of sensible football to kill the game off on the break. But Wayne Rooney had other ideas altogether.

The captain sprinted back, made a sensational Maldiniesque last-ditch tackle, collected the ball and punted it long into Orlando’s box. Unbelievably the ball was so perfect, that Acosta had a golden opportunity to head into the net and give DC the win. As expected, he found the back of the net. The stadium erupted, the fans were delirious, and the players hardly believed what they had just witnessed. Wayne Rooney had just produced an absolute majestic piece of artistry. He had just done the unthinkable.

The sports site betting.com said in an article posted in February “Wayne Rooney had a galvanizing effect on this squad in the latter part of last season, and he should be one of MLS’ standout stars in 2019”. Wayne was named DC’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) and was awarded the golden boot for his 12 goals in 21 appearances; he also chipped in with 6 assists in the process.

Rooney might be heading back to England in January after this year’s MLS concludes, but he is leaving a legacy that will be cherished for years to come. His leadership on the pitch has been evident throughout his time at DC and there is no doubt that he will his 100% for the remaining few matches. The MLS is going to miss Wayne Rooney and we can only hope that he weaves more magic till the time he is here.

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