Technology and sports– these two couldn’t be further apart. Technology is all about reducing human involvement in everything, while sports are the opposite. Sports is all about human involvement. You’d think they’d never mingle, but surprisingly enough, they did.

Technology started to be integrated into sports a pretty long time ago. First, it was television broadcasts, and then it was jumbotrons, then it was fair play technology. It is pretty much the reason why sports are so fine-tuned and fair today.

When it comes to technology in sports, the involvement is pretty big scale. It isn’t just limited to the game; technology is involved in everything surrounding the game. And that includes the sports betting industry.

Sports betting has been around for a long time, but there’s a massive difference between the current sports betting industry and the old one. And most of that happened thanks to technology. So, what really changed? And how did it change?

If that’s what you’re wondering about, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the technological advancements that have changed the sports industry and how they did that. Buckle up!

Technological Advancement in the Sports Betting Industry

The sports industry integrated technical upgrades in two ways. First, it was the owners and the people in power trying to ensure everything was fair, and then it was the players trying to keep up with time. There are a lot of things on both sides that made the technological upgrade possible. Let’s see what some of those are.

1. Easy Data Access and Sports Analytics

Betting or gambling– whatever you say, it all depends on data. The more data you have, the clearer the facts. And having clear points means you can make better game predictions and analyses. Back when the sports betting industry was utterly physical, finding data was more challenging because most people couldn’t get their hands on reliable analytical data.

But that has changed now. Many sources do objective game analysis now, and everyone can get their hands on these predictions and statistics because of internet availability. So people can make more precise predictions and win better. And it isn’t just outside sources; most betting platforms have these analytics on their platforms too. You can find almost everything on betting platforms for previous soccer results, player performances, win percentages, and officials. It is why the betting industry is much more different now.

2. Smartphone Access

Smartphones have changed the whole world in many ways. They’ve opened so many new doors full of potential. Smartphones have also pretty much revolutionized the sports betting community. It has made it easier for people to access betting platforms and all kinds of analytics. With this device in hand, the industry and the players are practically unbeatable.

Smartphones became widespread after 2010, opening a whole new section of the sports betting industry– online betting. All you’ll need is internet access and a smartphone, and you’ll be good to go. Most betting platforms now have their own mobile app. And the fun part is that they’re available for almost all operating systems.

So people can bet from their own homes instead of a physical casino and don’t even need an expensive computer. It made the access barrier lower, and more people started betting online. This sudden boost of participation pushed the sports betting industry to new heights and practically changed it for the better.

3. Live Betting and Broadcast

Live betting is another thing that changed the sports betting industry. Traditional sports betting was very dependent on guessing games and rigid systems. You had to place your bets before the games started, and you wouldn’t have the chance to change them later. You’d have to endure even if it was going horribly for you. The worst part is most of the time; it depends on luck because there wasn’t enough data.

Live betting has changed all that. It gives people scopes to place their bets whenever they want. It doesn’t matter if you missed the beginning; you can join any time and place your bets. You can, of course, update your bet at any time. Even better, most betting sites stream the games for the players to make better bets. It means people don’t have to switch to different platforms to watch soccer live and keep up with betting.

This change has also made live broadcasting popular. Many players prefer sharing betting tips over the live stream and helping each other win.

4. Improved Security

Online betting is fun, but there are also chances of getting scammed. When online betting first started, there were scammers everywhere. People were either getting scammed or losing their accounts (and money) to hackers. Fortunately, security in online sports betting platforms has improved, thanks to technology.

Most online betting platforms ask for secure passwords when a user signs up. And then, security measures like two-factor authentication make security even more robust. So now, whenever someone tries to log into an account, the original owner will get an alert and a one-time pin (OTP) to confirm their identity. It has significantly lowered the number of hacked accounts over the years. With more robust security, people are now more interested in online betting.


Technology is everywhere, and it has changed almost everything for the better. The sports betting industry is one of the many sectors it has touched. Hopefully, with more advancements, the sports betting industry will flourish even more.


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