December 1, 2023
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The worldwide COVID-19 lockdown has proved to be a boon for online cash games like poker. We do not know when this global crisis is going to peter out or even hit the pause button, the only sure thing we know is we must continue exploring our best selves as the world continues to rewrite history. The positive uptick of online cash poker games in India is something we can explore today and benefit ourselves from.

A challenging skill endeavour, online poker is a psychological battle that demands dexterity in areas of Mathematics, Strategic Analysis, Logical Thinking and Reverse Psychology. The rewards of acing this skill game are sky high and come in many forms. SO, let’s try not get stuck in a rut during the quarantine and explore the benefits of this skill game today.

We shall begin by highlighting few cues to crack this quick variant of online poker.

Online Cash Poker Games Strategy

Online cash games of poker are a great variant to play and gain experience among a variety of players and max your winnings as much as you want. Leading online poker rooms often feature different blind levels starting as low as INR.5/1 to offer online poker cash games to players with the lowest stakes! So, if you have played a decent number of free games online, you can take a go at the cash variant today without hesitation.

So, here are some useful tips for you to crack this variant today in case you have just begun your journey in online poker cash games.

  1. Zero in on the Weak Players

Each poker table features a variety of players, you need to identify the ones who are passive and often limp and adjust your strategy accordingly to exploit them. When having a good hand, force them to pay by value betting them.

  1. Check-Bluff on Medium Hands

It is tricky to play medium strength hands like AJ, -flop A, 8,9 in online poker cash games. In such cases, check at least one street to see if your opponents are checking you back or maybe even twice to catch them bluffing. They wouldn’t check on you if they have a stronger hand. In this case, start betting on the later streets to extract maximum value from the po.

  1. 3 Bet or More on a Premium Hand

Aggressive 3Betting when in position is a great way to dominate your opponents especially limpers. Re-raise your opponent’s blinds and raise up to 3x when you got hands that are aren’t very premium. For example, suited connectors, and small pairs. Forcing your opponents especially during pre-flop when they are out of position can be a highly profitable game strategy in online cash poker games.

  1. C-Bet your Weak Opponents

Continuation betting is an effective strategy against weaker opponents that can force them to let go of the pot with valuable equity on their part. Calling stations typically call any bet till the end and more often during the flop, but if you continue to apply force on the turn and the river up, it eventually makes them think you have a stronger hand and they have no choice but to fold.

  1. Know when to Quit

This a vital strategy in online poker cash games that can work on your favour and save you from pitfall when you are on tilt. The option to quit and leave the game anytime you like is only available in online cash games of poker unlike tournaments where you end up grinding for hours at end. Use this option in your favour whenever you feel like you are losing control and need a break.

These are good starter tips to break even and maybe win good money on online poker cash games with minimum errors on a good day.

Moving further, let’s explore some lucrative options for online cash games where you can milk maximum for minimum investment.

PokerBaazi Introduces Online Poker cash Games as low as INR 10!

One of India’s leading online poker room, PokerBaazi (PB) is hosting multiple online cash games of poker round the clock all year round. Popular for hosting player-centric poker games and tournaments with attractive buy-ins and guarantees that make players go bonkers, join the online tables for some quick on the go sessions at the comfort of your home.

Highlights of online poker cash games on PokerBaazi:

  1. Online Cash Games of Poker available in 3 Variants

Play 3 variants of cash poker games on PokerBaazi-  Texas Hold’em, 4 Card Pot Limit Omaha and 5 Card PLO. Buy-ins start as low as INR 10 and blind levels start at 0.5/1. This is online poker at its cheapest in India.

  1. Multiple Games round the Clock

These online cash games literally run 24*7 at the PB app and with the extended lockdown, be prepared to find jam-packed tables even during wee hours of the night. The stakes are unbelievably flexible spinning from just INR 10-1000 all the way to INR 10-30K!

  1. Monster Rewards!

An exclusive benefit of playing online poker cash games on this portal is a high road you can carve to enjoy winning rewards of a lifetime. Simply play online cash games of any poker variant on the portal and earn Reward Points irrespective of your wins and losses.

Collecting enough Reward Points can unlock various levels that hold rewards featuring the likes of supercars, two-wheelers, coolest gadgets like iPhone 11 Pro and real cash prizes worth up to 3LAC!

The more Reward Points you collect, the bigger your rewards are. The fact that you generate these points even if you lose on the tables simply validates the fact this online poker room rewards you for your sheer love for poker.

Summing up

Online poker cash games are a tough nut to crack, someday you may win big and other days, you might incur straight losses. The game strategies we discussed earlier can significantly increase your win-rate in online cash games and make your lockdown days super fun and enriching!

Join the tables right away!


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