December 3, 2023
top team wins odds

The 2019-20 English Premier League season has already begun and the time for predictions are here. As it has played out till now, Liverpool, Leicester City and Chelsea have come out as the top 3 teams in the championship. Man UTD is close behind, winning 8 matches and drawing 2 with 26 points.

For Betway fans, it’s the best time to try out their luck. With these Betway online sports predictions doing the rounds, what team are you betting on?

The Top Three Teams that are Leading Now

How have the odds changed and what can we expect in the upcoming days? As a punter, you need to stay updated, and there is nothing as great as being able to go live at all times. Even if you are betting on sites like Betway, you need updated information. It gives you a competitive edge over others, no matter what game you are betting on.


Liverpool is showing some promise defeating Man City 2 – 0 and becoming the top favourite team to win the title. After a stark performance, the team is +140 odds to win the championship. Maybe this time they can get closer to the English trophy that has eluded them since 1990.

Liverpool is the only club that seems to have the potential to topple Man City and lift the title this time. Maybe we will witness some brilliance shown at the time of Jürgen Klopp’s tenure which will put them closer to the trophy.

It remains to be seen if Liverpool can hold its position in the championship in the upcoming games. 

Leicester City

Leicester is a surprise entry in the top 3 category winning 8 games out of 12 with 26 points. The team also won each of the four home league matches and has scored more than 27 goals. 

The star players to keep your eyes on include Jamie Vardy, who has provided a stellar performance for the team. The red-hot Leicester City opened with an odd of +25000 and is one of the favourite betting options. 

We are also putting our trust on Brendan Rodgers, who can take the team to the next level. He was under a bit of pressure, but the rank boost should have given the entire team a morale boost.


Chelsea and Leicester share almost similar performance- they both won 8 matches out of 12 and have 26 points. The team had an odd of +8000 and their performance makes them a top pick for the season. 

Frank Lampard will be looking to make the most of the championship having lost the talents of Eden Hazard. The transfer ban from FIFA prevents the team from any more sign-ups, so Lampard will have to utilize the ranks of the youth. Maybe it will be the young players who are able to win some favour for Chelsea in the championship.

So which team is your favourite? What team do you think will win the League this season?


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