For most football fans, the Premier League is considered the best league in the world to watch due to its competitive nature. As a result of this, it is also the best league in the world to make use of top bookmaker sites to place bets on the action. For New Jersey-based US players, https://nj.unibet.com/sports is a good choice, otherwise, try and find out what online bookmakers are available in your state. Follow us through the rest of the article for an overview of the Premier League and why every bettor should pay special attention to. 


The biggest factor that makes it such fruitful ground for betting is the fact that each year, anything can happen. Unlike other top leagues such as La Liga, The Bundesliga and to some extent, Serie A, where one or two teams dominate the league year after year, in the Premier League the title if always up for grabs.

Since its conception, there have been 6 winners of the Premier League with Liverpool set to become the 7th this year, and only a handful of teams have regained title more than 3 times in a row. As such, each year it is all to play with and rarely is the league and open and shut case with twists and turns continuous throughout the season.

On the other side of the spectrum, relegation is an equally, hotly contested situation with it always being a dog fight. Even legacy teams, such as Newcastle or Aston Villa, who enjoyed long stays in the top-flight can fall foul of relegation. While a team could be battling for Champion League sports one year, they could just as easily be relegated the next. As such, you never know what’s going to happen each season, making it ideal for betting.

Close Games

Teams in the Premier League are often very equally matched with the best and the worst often still showcasing an impressive team of players. As a result of this, games tend to not be very high scoring for the most part with usually only one or two goals between teams. This means that games are very close, can often go either way and are prone to switching in a blink of an eye.

As a result of this, this means that odds are usually better as compared to other leagues where the winners for each game are more clean cut. Due to the close nature of the games, Premier League games are some of the most fertile ground for bet in-play options. For example, betting on who will score the next goal in a game, or what the final scoreline will be, which can be tougher in games where one side is dominant or there are lots of goals scored per game.

Upsets and Underdogs

One of the best elements of Premier League football though is the large frequency of upsets and underdog wins in the league. The most notable in recent years was Leicester’s outright win of the Premier League in the 2015/16 season. Next to no-one saw this coming, but those who did earnt lucrative payouts as a result. While an event of this magnitude may not happen again soon, upsets, where small teams defeat bigger teams, are not far from uncommon and even an outside bet on an upset can prove to be a very big win.

Safe betting

With all of this being said, we believe that you should take advantage of this passion, but keep yourself safe while doing that. A really good way to protect yourself from scammers and bet safely is to pick an online casino that has a license and is accredited. To do so, we recommend you use KingCasinoBonus for a fun and safe betting experience.

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