When it comes to the transfer windows it is a busy time for everyone involved in football with football fans placing their bets on betting sites not on gamstop at thebestcasinos.co.uk as well as placing bets on what players will leave their current clubs and move to a different one during the summer transfer window. The summer transfer window is usually the busier one compared to the winter one due to most clubs look to get their business done during the summer window.


Football transfers are exciting for everyone involved in football with clubs looking to improve their current squads with new and exciting players whilst looking to sell the players that they no longer need or value at the club. There are two transfer windows each year with one being in the summer and the other during the winter, the summer one is usually the more popular one due to clubs looking to improve their squads in the middle of the season.

This summer’s transfer window is predicted to be a busy one with a lot of transfer rumours already flying around the football world. Some big named players look set to make the move to different clubs with some of them looking to hand in a transfer request if the clubs do not allow them to leave. Recent transfer windows have seen some world-class players making the switch to new clubs and new countries which come as a shock to some football fans as the moves come without warning and as a surprise to many.

Do clubs spend much?

Football clubs across the world spend different amounts during the transfer windows it depends on how much of a budget they have been given to spend. In recent transfer windows, there has been a total combined figure of well over one billion having been spent during a single transfer window. Some players are costing over one hundred million which in football terms is not that much due to some players being worth over two hundred million and maybe more.

Each transfer window clubs seem to spend more than they did during previous ones as the clubs get new owners or sponsorship deals that help to increase the amount that they can spend during the transfer windows.

It should be clearer now as to why summer transfer windows are exciting and what is to be expected from them.

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