Edson Arantes do Nascimento who is better known as ‘Pele’ is considered to be one of the greatest football players of all time. But his journey to becoming the greatest was not as easy as one would think. World-renowned players like Christiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi are in awe of Pele and in a recent interview pundit Gary Neville claimed that Ronaldo will only retire after he breaks Pele’s record which is a hard feat to accomplish. Pele has inspired almost every football player in the world. Matter of fact, he has inspired almost every sportsperson in the world. Pele wanted to be a football player and the odds were against him but he still found a way and fought for his dreams. Let’s take a look at things that helped Pele in becoming the greatest football player of all time.

The One With the Right Attitude

Born in 1947, Pele was born in a poor household but that didn’t stop him to become what he is today. During his childhood, Pele used to play football with his friends from the neighbourhood and none of them had any money to buy a football so they often improvised with other households items like socks filled with paper or coconut shells.

National Treasure

 Later in life, Pele was responsible for a 48-hour ceasefire during a civil war in Nigeria because people wanted to see him play an exhibition match. After the match was finished, the war was resumed. During Pele’s peak, every football-playing kid wanted to be like Pele be it in Iraq or Italy. This was the power he had on the world and his own country Brazil considers him as a national treasure and why won’t they? Because of Pele, Brazil won the world cup thrice in 12 years.

Making an Impression

There are two instances in Pele’s life that proved he is one of a kind. First being named the athlete of the century by the world’s combined national Olympic committees in 1999 although he never played in Olympics and the second being his meeting with the pope, Paul VI. The pope himself revealed that he was very eager to meet Pele and wanted to meet him for a very long time. He even admitted that he was nervous while meeting Pele.

Giving Importance to Academics

In an interview, Pele admitted that when he was growing up he had no interest in going to the school and did not realize how important education was. He wanted to spend his life playing football and he had zero to none interest in anything else. His mother, Celeste was the one who always asked him to finish his homework but he never listened to her. Later, Pele realized the worth of education and completed his school and even took a course in Physical Education.

Making his Fantasies Real

Pele knew what he wanted to become from a very early age. Despite being from a poor family, he kept on practising and despite losing a 1000 times he never gave up. He pushed the walls, followed through and became the greatest player ever known to mankind. Even your favourite football players hold him in great regard.

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