If you’re considering starting up football betting – either as a hobby or as a career – then know that you’re not alone. Sports betting is a lucrative, exciting pastime that many people indulge in on a regular basis. However, what you may not know is that sports betting online has pretty much completely overtaken physical betting for many people. During the coronavirus pandemic, betting shops have been largely unavailable for most consumers, leading to a boom in online betting. Even if bettors weren’t restricted by lockdowns, online betting would be a far more attractive proposition for lots of people. Here’s why online sports betting is the best way to bet on football if you want to get started.

You can place bets on whatever sports you like without leaving the comfort of your own home when you bet online. Physical betting shops and venues require travel for most people, as they’re often situated on high streets or in entertainment complexes, whereas online sports betting can be done from whatever device you have to hand. Whether you like to bet via your phone, a tablet, your laptop, or a desktop PC, any device with access to a web browser is an ideal way to place a sports bet. What’s more, many sports betting sites are optimised for mobile devices, so betting on these platforms via your phone is actually superior to doing so on a laptop or desktop!

You can choose your platform

While in real life, you’d be limited in your choice of betting venue by your geographical proximity to those venues, that’s not the case online. The entire betting world is at your fingertips when you bet online, meaning you can choose any platform you like and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll never need to work to get there. This means that platforms like novibet.co.uk can offer excellent bonus opportunities and lots of choice when it comes to sports, so you’ll never need to worry about a disadvantageous position when betting; simply move to another site if you don’t like the odds or the choice that you’re being offered.

There are lots of different withdrawal options

In many countries around the world, online sports betting is frowned upon, and in others it’s outright illegal to set up betting establishments. That’s why it’s a good idea to bet on sports online in those territories if you can. Most of those countries don’t have rules forbidding citizens from actually betting on sports; rather, they simply disallow native establishments, so if you’re able to find a good betting platform overseas, you’ll be able to circumvent this particular problem. Most good online betting platforms also offer different currencies for convenience, so if you don’t want your payments in the form of that country’s currency, you’re usually covered.

Bonuses are better

The competition in the world of online sports betting platforms is fierce. That’s why many online platforms will jostle for your business, offering you more and more attractive welcome bonuses and returning-customer extras. Physical betting shops do this as well, but it’s rarer and the bonuses tend to be less generous. It’s also more difficult to shop around when it comes to physical betting shops, because you need to actually leave the shop and travel to another one. These drawbacks simply don’t apply in the world of online betting platforms!

It can often be cheaper

Sometimes, online platforms charge less than physical ones to play or to become a member. This is because physical betting shops have more overhead costs to cover; they need to be able to pay rent on the building in which they’re situated, plus they have a host of staff to pay. While online betting shops certainly do have costs to cover, they’re nowhere near as exorbitant as those paid by some physical stores, especially when they’re situated on high streets or anywhere else with high premiums. You also don’t need to pay for travel or other associated costs such as refreshments. That’s why you’ll often find that betting with online platforms means you’ll pay less initially than you might in a physical betting shop.

There’s a wider range of sports

Some of the less conventional sports might not be covered by standard physical betting shops, but you can bet online betting platforms will pick that up. This means that if you’re not a fan of sports like football, basketball, or baseball, you’ll likely find other sports to bet on with your favourite online platform. There are even plenty of bizarre-sounding sports that people can bet on around the world, some of which you may not even have heard of! Physical betting shops are likely only to offer the most popular sports, but online platforms will have all manner of weird and wonderful sports to try your hand at betting on.

Security is top priority

Many online betting platforms are unscrupulous and will try to divest you of your hard-earned money. Knowing this, the reputable platforms will emphasise security heavily, aware that this is likely to be a priority for skittish customers who may even have been burned before. Good online betting platforms will prominently display their security credentials somewhere obvious so that you can see exactly how safe your money is when you place bets with them. Of course, there are many large, dependable betting shop chains in the physical world, too, but you can’t guarantee the safety of your money when you leave those places, unlike with online betting platforms.

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