December 4, 2023

We know the COVID-19 lockdown has left us all cooped up in the four walls of our homes. Many among us are complaining about the prison-like confinement, however, the internet comes as a massive relief in such times and if you are fond of skill games likes poker, we say this is the right time to go online, work your neurons and win some real money.

While live poker tournaments are shut down nationwide, online poker is enjoying increased traffic and engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Poker websites have taken this time to turn the tables around by introducing fresh promotions and online tournaments of different kind and offer more value to online poker players in the wake of this ongoing quarantine spell.

So, we tell you some amazing benefits and the right way to play poker online and win real money without breaking the shackles surrounding your homes.

  1. Free Entry tournaments
  2. Sit’N’Go Cash Games
  3. Lower rake
  4. Multi-tabling
  5. Poker tournaments for real money
  6. Deals & Promotions

Free Entry tournaments (FETs)

If you are a complete newbie, Free Entry Tournaments are poker tournaments that are introduced by online poker rooms for players who want to learn and play online poker and win real money for free. These are ideal poker tournaments where you can learn the game at your own pace by playing poker with live players and track your performance with time.

Sit‘N’Go Cash Games (Sit’N’Gos)

If you have played enough free games of poker and have enjoyed your time doing so, step up your game and graduate to real money poker today. Sit’N’Go cash games happen to be the ideal switch at this point. You can play them for as low as INR 10 bucks or maybe even less on many poker websites today. The best feature of Sit’N’Go real money poker games is that you can join, play as many hands and leave any time you like.

Lower Rake

Unlike live poker games hosted in live poker rooms and casinos, online poker is way cheaper as it charges lower rake than in live games. Rake is the small fee charged by poker rooms and portals on each pot played for real money as a service fee for hosting games and tournaments. While standard rake charges in live rooms stand at around 10-20%, online poker rooms usually charge 4-10% depending on the type of game.

MultiTable tournaments

Poker platforms online offer players the opportunity to play multiple tournaments at once which means you can increase your earnings by a decent percentage. On a general occasion too, players can play online poker to access many more games per hour as opposed to live poker.

Poker tournaments with huge guarantees

Online poker is a multi-billion industry and India is a growing part of this global poker boom. As more and more players are inclined to play online poker, poker rooms have notched up their level of real money tournaments over the years with bigger guarantees than ever. Frankly, professional poker is a thriving career for many who have taken the sport seriously in India. Utilize this lockdown period to hone your skills and inch closer to the real money world of professional poker.

Deals, Promotions & Loyalty Rewards

In order to promote online poker, reputed online poker portals offer plate full of offers, promotions and deposit bonuses to boost your winning streak with minimum investment. From bonus money to rakeback deals to free tournament tickets, players can enjoy a whole lot of offers to boost their game on different levels. Some portals also offer premium Loyalty Rewards to offer tangible returns besides real money for your performance.

PokerBaazi: India’s Licensed and Most Trusted Website

An online poker portal in operation since 2014, PokerBaazi (PB) has received accolades for hosting player centric tournaments for poker players of all degrees, stakes and skillset. Besides hosting India’s biggest ever online poker tournaments, it also gives out an incredible range of rewards to regular players on its portal through its Loyalty Rewards Program.

Here are some regular offerings of PokerBaazi that you might find interesting.

  1. Free Entry tournaments worth 25 LAC every month
  2. Micro stakes tournaments series for buy-ins starting at just INR 15
  3. Cash Games for buy-ins starting at just INR10
  4. Weekly Prime time tournaments worth 7 figure prize pools
  5. High Stakes tournaments worth 8 figure prize pools
  6. New game variants such as Open Face Chinese poker and 5 Card PLO
  7. Loyalty Rewards worth 3LAC real cash prize, super cars, two wheelers, Las Vegas package worth 25LAC and lots more

PokerBaazi has released this variety of offerings with the intent to enable amateurs and poker pros alike to churn maximum returns from the offerings that suits their gaming scope. Besides, new variants and tournament formats are incorporated in the list to expand the range of poker towards international level of gaming. For more info on the offerings, you may visit the PokerBaazi official website.

Lockdown thoughts

As India enters the second week of this pandemic lockdown, why not make the most of this time to play online poker and level up while you still have the time. We still do not know how far along we have come to curb this nasty COVID 10 pandemic, all we can do on our part is to remain indoors and protect everyone around us from falling prey to this novel virus. Meanwhile, let’s stay sane and play online poker and get the money flowing by hitting the felts this April.

Stay Safe!!!


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