When we discuss card games in India, Indian rummy often tops the list among card players. If you didn’t know already, rummy card games are said to be originated in Mexico and Spain as early as the 1800s that subsequently sprawled across the globe and reached India early enough and since then, we never looked back! With time, we spanned our own versions of the game out of which emerged a popular winner, 13 card Indian rummy.

Over the years, online gaming apps in India have adopted this centuries-old game on their platforms and sprinkled it with exciting features and variants. Today, online rummy tournaments are the talk of the town as rummy lovers are benefiting heavily from this variant, be it from the lucrative rewards and real money prizes or simply the adrenaline rush that shoots up when competing with flocks of players from all over India. The lockdown 3.0 has given us enough time to explore such skill games, so if you wish to earn some extra bucks during quarantine, online rummy tournaments fit the frame just right.

Online Rummy Tournaments: All You Need to Know 

Reputed online portals like rummy meet are also hosting free rummy tournaments online to offer opportunities to win real money and other exciting rewards that may also include free entry tickets to bigger tournaments.

Tournaments have raised the stakes of 13 card Indian rummy lately by revolutionizing the entire gaming experience to help players profit from their skills and time they spend online. These days, tournaments especially come lock and loaded with tones of features and online promotions to jack up your game time.
So, if you have been playing Indian rummy with your friends the traditional way so far, take this time to venture online and enjoy some brand new features of both cash and free rummy tournaments.Online Rummy tournaments features and highlights –

1. Exciting Guarantees & Premium Rewards

The first and most rewarding aspect of online rummy tournaments vs free rummy games is the addition of real money prizes that can go up to a modest 6 figure prize pool that players can discover in leading online rummy portals of the day. All top players race hard to win their entitled share of the winning prize in the order of their position on the leaderboard. Besides real money, some rummy tournaments online offer an interesting set of top tangible rewards such as flagship smartphones, trending gadgets, free tickets to high-value tournaments and even holiday packages!

2. Scheduled Level Oriented tournaments

Unlike free Indian rummy games and cash games that has no fixed start/finish time, players need to register for tournaments in advance as they begin at a scheduled time and functions in a level oriented format. For example, a tournament can be hosted in three levels, each of 10 minutes wherein players with maximum points get eliminated at the end of each level and remaining players reach the final round to compete for the featured prize money.

3. Daily/ Weekly/Monthly

Indian Rummy tournaments can be featured on different times and days of the month. Typically, high guarantee tournaments are hosted live either weekly or monthly. Those looking for daily action can also find a good amount of daily special tournaments with decent guarantees. A good way to keep up with the tournament calendar of a particular portal would be to visit its monthly promotional page or check out the game lobby from time to time.

4. Free Rummy tournaments with Real Prize Money

Reputed online portals are also hosting free rummy tournaments online to offer opportunities to win real money and other exciting rewards that may also include free entry tickets to bigger tournaments. The idea behind hosting free rummy tournaments is essentially to introduce online rummy as a lucrative card game among the new generation of players and motivate them to test their skills for free and win real money.

5. Entry/Buy-in fees

Indian Rummy tournaments online often feature a fixed number of players and to ensure one’s seat, players must deposit a buy-in fees to register their participation. In some tournaments, the entry fees aggregate to the form the total prize pool, in others, you receive free tickets to big tournaments by playing mini tourneys, while some tournaments require players to make a minimum deposit to receive a free ticket.These pointers pretty much that sums up the standard features, rules and promotions of online rummy tournaments of all kinds.  So, let’s move ahead to find an appropriate online rummy app or portal that guarantees you big returns on your gaming skills.

RummyBaazi: An Online Rummy App Rewarding you on every level

RummyBaazi (RB), a one-year-old portal launched by the parent company, Baazi Games has gained popularity in an impressively short span of time by hosting highly rewarding rummy tournaments and games of all kinds for rummy all players to help them to carve a smooth winning streak solely through their rummy skills. To enjoy gaming and winning real money right away, players can participate in these following tournaments on RummyBaazi.

1. Four 5K Free Entry tournaments 

RB is hosting live free rummy tournaments worth 5K each four times every day of the month. There are no entry fees, so even beginners can play these tournaments and contest their skills and win money for free every day. The 5K tournaments are hosted at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM and 6 PM every day on the RB app. This means you can win from a daily prize pool of 20K and collect from a monthly total of INR 6,00,000 for FREE!

2. 1 LAC Sunday Special

This is a high-value tournament that players can play for an unbelievable buy-in of just INR 1000! An incredible weekly opportunity where you can max your investment up to 1000 times at 8 PM every Sunday on RummyBaazi app. Players can also receive a free ticket to the tournament by making a direct deposit of INR2500 on their RB account.

What’s even better? You can use this deposit to play as many cash games on the RB tables and win even bigger Loyalty Rewards and real money!

3. 30K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll

Looking for some daily action? Look no further as this set of Indian rummy tournaments give you more bounce for every once you put in on RummyBaazi. Simply enter the tourney for a buy-in of INR 300 and play to claim your share from this 30K prize pool every day at 9 PM.

For more such incredible opportunities and online rummy offers, we suggest you visit the official promotions page of RummyBaazi right away.
Wrapping up!

We have laid all the cards on the table to keep you lock and loaded as you kick-start your online rummy journey and bring in a boatload of money your way during this quarantine simply through your infallible skills!
So, what’s the wait? Hit the tables and let the madness begin!

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