Ian Wright

Ian Wright, who is widely known to be an Arsenal legend, was disappointed with the club following the departure of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Barcelona this winter with watchful eyes from online casinos.

The Gabon international was able to switch allegiance from Emirates Stadium to Camp Nou after being missing from the Gunners starting eleven since early December, when he made his eventual last appearance for the team in their 2-1 defeat at the hands of Everton at Goodison Park on December 6.

Having registered 163 appearances for the North London team, the 32-year-old striker was able to bag 92 goals in all appearances for the club. Following his unveiling at Camp Nou, Arsenal legend Ian Wright, who scored 128 goals in 221 appearances for the team, still seemed confused about the reason the Gabonese striker left the club.

Speaking on The Ringer Podcast, Wright said: “Even I don’t know what’s gone on and I’m in touch with the guy, we’re tight.”

“The way everything has gone, deep down I can’t understand why something couldn’t happen, simply because he’s only just signed.

“So if everything was going on before, there would have been a lead up of misdemeanours for the manager to maybe say let’s not sign him, and it seems like if you knew there were things that were happening that you didn’t like, then why did we sign and put so much money into him and a year later he’s gone?”

“I’m very sad on a personal level because I think he’s made for us. If you have Auba you can structure everything around him to do what he does. I watched his goals for Dortmund not long ago and it was all geared for him. I’m devastated that we couldn’t do that for him, but as much as I love him, you have to back the manager now.”

Wright added: “Auba hasn’t been as strong as in previous seasons, and I believe his progress was dipping prior to his falling out with the manager, and removing his mammoth wage is hard to argue with.

“Whilst I’m not sold on our transfer window, I can see why Auba has been moved on, and we have to believe that it will be for the greater good in the long run.”

On Thursday, Aubameyang revealed that the rift shared between him and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta fueled his reasons to force a move to Camp Nou this winter while americancasinosites found this to be quite sad for the player.

Speaking during his unveiling at Camp Nou: “They were complicated months but I think that’s how football is sometimes.

“For my part, I have never wanted to do something wrong and now I think that this is the past and I want to think about the present and right now that is my answer.

“I think the problem was only with Arteta and he made the decision. I can’t say much, I wasn’t happy and that’s it.

“It happened like that. I wasn’t very happy, I stayed very calm and that’s it.”

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