November 29, 2023
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In the annals of football history, few developments have sparked as much debate, passion, and controversy as the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee, or VAR. Initially hailed as a technological marvel that would eradicate errors and injustices from the beautiful game, VAR has, in many ways, reshaped football for the worse in the post-VAR era.

As someone who has spent a lifetime dedicated to the sport and its rich traditions, I can’t help but lament the direction in which football has evolved since VAR became a mainstay in the world’s top leagues and competitions. While the intention behind its implementation was to enhance fairness and accuracy, it has had far-reaching consequences that have altered the essence of the game.

Killing the Spontaneity

Football has always been celebrated for its spontaneity and the emotions it invokes. The thrill of a last-minute goal, the joy of a well-timed tackle, and the heartbreak of a controversial decision have all been part of what makes the sport so enthralling. VAR, with its meticulous scrutiny of every play, has drained the life out of these moments. Goals are disallowed for the tiniest infractions, leaving fans and players alike hesitant to celebrate. The sheer spontaneity that makes football such a beautiful sport is vanishing before our eyes.

Endless Delays

VAR reviews often result in lengthy stoppages, and the subsequent wait for a decision is draining for fans in the stadium and those watching at home. The joy of the game lies in its fluidity and continuous action, and VAR has disrupted that flow. The anticipation of a decision, which may or may not be favourable, has become more agonizing than exciting. Football, once a non-stop spectacle, now has frequent interruptions, leaving fans frustrated and longing for the days when decisions were made swiftly by the on-field officials.

Dissecting the Essence of Football

Football has always thrived on the passion of its fans and the human element of the game. VAR, in its pursuit of perfection, has taken away the human touch. Referees are now reduced to mere cogs in a machine, and their judgment is undermined. The charisma of a referee’s presence, the banter between players and officials, and the ability of referees to manage games effectively are all casualties of this obsession with technology.

Inconsistent Application: One of the most disheartening aspects of VAR is its inconsistent application. Different leagues and competitions have their own interpretation of VAR rules, leading to confusion and controversy. Decisions that seem straightforward in one league are perceived differently in another. The inconsistency in VAR’s use undermines the very principle it was supposed to uphold – fairness.

Emotionless Celebrations

Football is as much about the emotions it elicits as it is about the goals and results. The sight of players and fans celebrating wildly after a goal is a testament to the passion that defines the sport. VAR has cast a shadow over these celebrations, with players often hesitant to exult until the dreaded review is complete. The organic and raw outpouring of joy has been replaced by a cautious, measured response, and the game is poorer for it.

In the post-VAR era, football is at a crossroads. While technology has its place in the sport, its current implementation threatens to transform the beautiful game into a sterile, bureaucratic exercise. It’s crucial for football’s governing bodies to reevaluate the role of VAR and strive for a balance that preserves the essence of the sport. Football should remain the theatre of dreams, not a sterile laboratory where every moment is scrutinized under a microscope. The VAR experiment, in its current form, is tarnishing the very soul of the beautiful game we all love.

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