There are some major football events being planned for 2022. Not only does the British Premier League start in early August, but there’s also the World Cup, which takes place in Qatar near the end of the year (a somewhat controversial decision that hasn’t proved popular with everyone). With all of this excitement going on, you might think that football has reached its peak in terms of pleasing the fans, but that’s simply not so; you can augment your enjoyment of football even further. How, you might ask? That’s what we’re here to tell you about. Here’s how to start betting on football in 2022, just in time for the World Cup!

Get the basics down

Naturally, you’re not going to do particularly well when you’re betting on football if you don’t understand the basics of the game. There’s never been a better time than right now to educate yourself on how football works. If you’re from a country that prizes football as one of its national sports – the UK, for example, or Brazil – then the chances are you’ve got the basic rule set burned into your brain, whether you’ve been a fan all your life or not. Either way, make sure you fully understand what’s going on in a game of football before you decide to bet on it, and you’ll save yourself no end of headaches in the long run.

Choose a good betting site

There are lots of football betting sites out there, and not all of them can be trusted. That’s why you need to find yourself a good betting site that you can trust. Our favourite is Novibet (which you can find over at www.novibet.ie). It’s a trustworthy, high-quality betting site with great odds and a wide variety of football events to bet on. You’ll also find an intuitive user interface and lots of different options when it comes to types of bets. Whatever your favourite betting platform happens to be, it’s definitely worth settling on one that’s going to look after you in the long-term, because if you do take to sports betting, you want to know the website you’re using is reliable.

Learn your teams

If you are planning on betting on the World Cup, then it’s a good idea to learn as much about the participating teams as possible. Right now, we’re in the midst of the qualifying games, which means that matches are being played to determine which teams get to compete in the final tournament. Make sure you’re keeping up with those teams, and when we know what the final lineup is going to look like, that’s when you need to start learning your statistics. Which teams perform well against which other teams? Who are the star players to look out for? What is the strategy of each team, and how are they planning to incorporate that in their World Cup games? This goes for Premier League football, too, as well as any other league around the world you care to mention.

Set your bankroll in stone

One of the hardest challenges for a sports bettor is to set a concrete bankroll and to adhere to that bankroll no matter what. You never, ever want to exceed the maximum limit you’ve set on your bankroll when you’re betting, because that way, you could seriously damage your finances. Take a look at your bank balance and be brutally honest with yourself about how much you can afford to set aside for sports betting. If you can’t realistically spare any money, then don’t get involved, because you will do more harm than good to yourself. It’s also a good idea to set a maximum limit for each individual bet so that you don’t lose too much if you end up on a losing streak.

Learn different betting types

Just like with any other sport, there are different kinds of bet when it comes to football, and knowing the difference between each of them is very important. Here are some of the terms you might come across when you’re betting on football, as well as what they mean to you as a bettor.

● Match betting – this one is very easy indeed to explain. It simply refers to betting on the outcome of any given match. There are three possibilities here: win, lose, or draw.
● Handicap betting – this type of bet involves a betting handicap before a match. Let’s say Manchester United is playing Aston Villa, for example. In this case, Manchester United might start with a -2 goal handicap, which means they would need to win by three goals or more for the bet to pay out.
● Double chance – this type of betting is less risky, but it often has lower potential payouts. You might, for example, bet on Manchester City to either win or draw against Liverpool. As you can imagine, the chance of this bet paying out is greatly increased, but your payout will fall as a result.
● Individual player betting – here, you’re not placing bets on games, but rather on individual players. Common variants of this bet include betting on a player to win Man of the Match, for example, or to win an overall award for goal scoring or some other performance accolade over the course of a tournament or season.

These are just a few of the terms you might see in football betting; there are others with which it pays to become accommodated. In the end, though, the only way you’re going to successfully learn your betting terminology is simply to give it a try!

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