Looking at things from the outside in, it might seem like professional football players have fully dedicated their lives to the sport we all love so much. While this is true for some, football players are just as multifaceted as the rest of us. Not everything can be about football 24/7, especially when football is your job. Popular football players from around the globe are known to have some interesting hobbies, and while they might not showcase them to the public, it’s clear they have a passion for them. Here are a few we’ve managed to scope out.


Writing can be a great way to channel your creativity into something productive, and it seems that a few football players out there are known to dabble in it. There’s nothing better than a good book, but is one written by a football star better than the rest? One notable example of a football player that likes to write is Theo Walcott, the winger for Everton. What’s even more surprising than Walcott’s love for the written word is the genre he writes in – children’s books.

Walcott’s children’s books are focused around a boy named TJ. Like the author himself, TJ is a young football player. It makes sense that a professional football player would write about something close to his heart, and what makes things even better is the fact that the books are aimed at promoting an interest in sports at young kids. Walcott’s books have gained quite a bit of popularity in the UK and all over the globe, and we can’t help but feel proud of him for trying to instill good values and a healthy hobby to the next generation.


It doesn’t come as a surprise to see that many professional football players like to pass the time by frequenting casinos. Everyone loves the thrill of a good game of Poker or Blackjack, and when you can afford to visit the luxurious casinos that only accept VIP guests, giving it a try is practically a must. One football legend that’s known to play a game of poker from time is Cristiano Ronaldo. The star has been a fan of poker for a long time and allegedly has one hell of a poker face. Other than Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli, and James Madison are also known to have some fun on the tables.

With online casinos gaining more and more popularity, playing real money games is becoming more and more of a frequent hobby. It’s easy to see why. Online casinos host hundreds of different games that can put anyone in a good mood. On top of this, they often run exciting promotions and grant players excellent bonuses to make the whole experience even better. If you’re in the mood for a game of Roulette, Blackjack, or spending some time on the slots, you can use this Bet365 code on one of the best online casinos out there and gain a nice boost to start you off.


With football being an insanely competitive sport, it’s safe to assume that professional football players need to maintain quite a specific diet and workout regime. All of this focus on healthy eating habits has surely inspired quite a few football stars to go on culinary excursions into the kitchen and attempt to create some flavourful dishes. Cooking turns out to be quite a common hobby for many professional football players, and it’s easy to see why someone would fall in love with the often relaxing machinations of it.

One person you might not have expected to be a fan of cooking is Germany’s own Moritz Voltz. The ex-football star and now coach for RB Leipzig spends quite a bit of time in the kitchen, focusing specifically on baking. All we can say is that we’d all love to try the mouth-watering treats Voltz cooks up in his free time. If you’re interested in giving Vlotz’s recipes a try, you’re in luck. The ex-defender keeps a very detailed log of his cooking adventures and posts regular updates for his fans on his cooking blog!


Playing video games is currently one of the most popular hobbies in the world and with good reason. Video games are now a force to be reckoned with, sporting incredibly realistic graphics, intense storylines, and intricate game mechanics. All that being said, there’s nothing quite like having a chill afternoon with a cold beer and good video game, and it seems that even professional football players can appreciate that sentiment.

A player that recently mentioned his love of playing video games is none other than Atletico Madrid’s forward Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman has been known to throw in a victory dance inspired by the overnight sensation that was Fortnite after scoring a goal. While we’re not too sure which other pro football players like to wind down with some time in front of a console, it’s obvious that the worlds of sports and gaming mix quite well together.


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