Are you looking for information about football betting? You might find this read useful. Football’s widespread gambling was very popular and known even before the 1960s when football gambling was not yet legal. And until the present time, football gambling is still prevalent not only for the fun of watching football but also for the massive amount of payouts that bettors thrillingly await.

If you are also that eager beginner who is in for the gamble, understanding some football betting types is essential to help you build a good foundation about the different rules that exist in football betting. To provide you with more details, listed below are five football betting kinds that you can start learning and eventually engage in.

The Draw No Bet or DNB

One of the popular types of football betting is the DNB or Draw No Bet. In this type of bet, you take out the option of a Draw from any match result. The only option allowed in DNB is only a Home Team or Away Team.

For example, if you bet on the Home Team to win, and it did, then you win and get the stake. If you bet on the Away Team to win, but they lost, obviously you lose and do not gain any stake. But on instances when the match results in a Draw, no one wins or loses, and your stake is returned to you.

One of Draw No Bet’s advantages is that your stake is returned when the match results in a draw. On other betting types, which include a three-way market or three-way bet, meaning you can bet on the Home Team, Away Team, or Draw, you will lose and can not take back your bet when a match results in a Draw.

When betting on football like Draw No Bet, you must choose a licensed and dependable bookmaker who will transparently manage your bets. If you want to know the most reliable bookmaker online and make your bets 100% safe, you can go to www.bettingonfootball.com and click here to start betting your money safely.

The BTTS/BTS or Both Teams To Score Bet

Another type of football betting that you can try is the BTS or Both Teams to Score bet. In this bet, you must bet if the two opposing teams will get to score or not. You just have to choose between those two options.

For example, you decided to bet that Arsenal (the Away Team) versus Chelsea (the Home Team) will hit goals. If Arsenal scored 3 goals and Chelsea scored only 1 goal, you win your bet and get your stake. As long as both teams scored their points, you win the gamble.

But if, for instance, you tried to bet on another match between Liverpool versus Manchester United. You gambled that both of them will not score their own goals. And Liverpool scored 0 points, but Manchester United scored their 1 goal after the match. This time you lose your bet because the score is 0 to 1 in which Manchester United managed to achieve 1 goal. If the score were 0 – 0, you would otherwise win the bet and get your stake.

The Asian Handicap Bet

Another type of bet is called the Asian Handicap Bet. Initially, Asian handicaps were created to prevent the possibility of a Draw result. An example of this type of bet is when one team will receive a digital head-start point before the game starts, hence the word “handicap.” Typically, the underdog team receives the digital head-start point and is automatically leading the game versus the stronger team before the game even starts.

The Full-Time/Half-Time Bet

In a full-time/half-time bet, you have two chances of winning in a single match. You can bet on the game’s first-half results, and the second-half results in this type of bet. You will have the chance to win a bet every 45 minutes.

For example, in a match where Arsenal will compete with Chelsea, you decided to bet that Arsenal will lead the first half of the game, and Chelsea will win the second half of the game.

If Arsenal scored the first half 1 goal and Chelsea got 0 goals, you won the Half-Time Bet. When the game finishes with a score of 1-2 in Chelsea’s favour, you win your bet again at the Full-Time Bet. Meaning, you won twice and got all the stakes in both half-time and full-time.

The European Handicap Bet

Another type of handicap bet is the European Handicap Bet. For instance, there are three outcomes that you can choose to bet on in a European Handicap Bet, which are Home Team, Away Team, and a Draw. Unlike Asian Handicap Bet, which has two outcomes only and your stakes will be returned to you whenever the result is a handicap draw. In a European Handicap, you can still win your stake even if a handicap draw will result.


Football betting is a fun hobby as long as you control your emotions to prevent unwanted losses and clumsy decision making. Remember to study first and analyze further every kind of football bet that you want to try out so that you will further increase your odds of winning.



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