December 2, 2023

These days, there must be thousands of online slot games and each house tries to stand out in a different way. Of course, casinos offer games from most renowned provides, slots that are inspired by famous video games or movies etc. However, the best way to attract new players is to offer free spins. This makes perfect sense, as it’s hard to believe that someone would miss a chance to play and win some real money for free.

However, things aren’t that simple and require a little bit of explanation. Therefore, here is a quick guide to free spins wagering:

Free Spin Bonus

As we’ve just mentioned, every online casino has numerous strategies to attract new players. However, there is one that is common for all of them and that would be a free spin bonus. So, when a new player registers, he gets a number of free spins on a certain game, an opportunity to play a certain number of rounds on a certain slot game. Depending on the strategy of a certain casino, a new player will get free spins after he makes the first deposit, but the number of houses that offer deposit-free bonuses is getting bigger  and among those games สล็อตเว็บใหญ่ที่สุด these days.

You probably wonder what’s the catch with these no-deposit free spins. Well, the thing is that if you win a certain sum while playing, you won’t be able to withdraw it at once. First, you have to meet some requirements.


By requirements, we mean wagering requirements. Yes, you’re probably disappointed now and you’ve probably realized that free spins sound too good to be true. The thing with free spin wins is that there are always some wagering requirements if you want to withdraw the sum. In most cases, these requirements aren’t displayed in fixed sums, but rather depend on the amount of money you’ve won. In numbers, they go between x10 and x50 in most casinos, while the exact rate depends not just on the house, but on the game as well.

So, if a wagering requirement is x10, which means that withdrawal of your $30 wining will be allowed after you wager 300 dollars or more. Of course, you can always track the numbers, which will be displayed on your profile. Moreover, you will be notified in most cases when you meet these requirements.

Wager-Free Free Spins

Believe it or not, these things actually exist, although they are pretty rare. With these free spins, you can withdraw all your wins without any requirements. So, you probably wonder why would someone offer that. Well, the reason lays in the fact that such wins are usually small. An average player sees this as a nice business policy. Also, an average player sees this as a good reason to remain loyal to such a house. Soon enough, this expense will turn into profit.

How To Choose the Right Game to Use Free Spins

In most cases, free spins you get from the house cannot be used for all slot games, but rather for some of them. Still, you will have a decent choice in most cases and among them, you can really make a good selection. One of the things you should consider is the number of free spins. If this number is small, it makes no sense to play high-volatility games. Yes, they pay a lot, but not so often, so you will probably waste your free spins. You may not win a fortune, but small and frequent wins will give you a chance to wind at least something.


So, you are probably wondering now how to pick the right casino and bonus. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to be smart in these situations, but it’s always good to stick to some general rules.

First of all, pick a house that offers decent wagering requirements. In numbers, that would be everything under x30. Also, skip casinos that require big deposits. Finally, check the list of games that are included in the offer, as you don’t want to play slots with low RTP percentage.

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