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With the announcement of Project Restart and FPL providing unlimited transfers to managers, there’s a dilemma around how to efficiently utilize the chips as to get maximum output in terms of points.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the chip strategies you can adapt according to your team and the chips you have remaining.

Have your BB, FH and WC intact?

This is theoretically the strongest position to be in. The best strategy here would be using the unlimited transfers to your advantage and going all-in on the DGW players.

Get in all the best DGW players, maximize them for DGW 30+ and use your Bench Boost. However, as we’d not want them all going forward, WC the next week, i.e, GW31+ and prepare a team for the further game weeks.

This would leave you with your FH. According to our analysis, there are two great weeks to FH.

  1. GW38 – All games will be played at the same time, thus we’ll have guaranteed team news regarding all teams. This has also historically been a very high scoring gameweek. Target teams with the best fixtures in there.
  2. GW32 – A bit different, but could prove to be a huge differential for FPL managers trying to gain ground. With Liverpool facing City this particular game week, we could see a tight affair in this match-up theoretically on paper, especially with Liverpool, who could potentially win the title in this game. Thus, investing and going all out on players from Wolves, United, Chelsea, Arsenal could be a game-changer with most FPL managers having plenty of Liverpool and City assets.

Have your BB, FH intact but no WC?

With no WC, going all-in with the DGW players on the BB could hurt as you’ll end up having a lot of value attached on your bench players for all the future gameweeks.

  • Are you happy with your current pre-lockdown team?

If yes, FH in DGW 30+ and use your BB accordingly when your bench players have good fixtures.

  • Is your current pre-lockdown team in tatters?

Our advice here would be going a bit conservative with your unlimited transfers and BBing GW 30+. Bench boost with cheap players like Cantwell, Wolves’ defenders, Palace defenders, etc who have good fixtures in DGW 30+ and have good potential.

The FH chip strategy would remain the same as mentioned earlier for GW32 and GW38, whichever you choose to go with.

Just have your FH intact?

There are two factors to consider here as well:

  1. Are you happy with your current pre-lockdown team?
    • In this case, you could FH and go all out on DGW players, maximizing your point potential.
  2. Is your current pre-lockown team not that good?
    • Here, you could use the unlimited transfers to your advantage and make a team for the season run-in and FH accordingly in GW32 or GW38 as mentioned earlier.

Have your TC intact?

  1. If you have your TC intact and no other chips available, DGW 30+ is the best time to use it. No brainer.
  2. If you have any or all of your FH, BB or WC chips intact as well, use the TC in any other desired single game week on an explosive player having the best fixture. There is limited knowledge regarding the game time of the DGW players right now, thus, other chips have a massive upper hand over TC for this particular DGW30+

Cheers and good luck for the double game week! Until then, let the arrows stay green!

Written by Samson Baretto | Feature Image by Michael Regan/Getty Images  | Read more FPL Related analysis here

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