Football tips for different leagues

Not only are there many ways to place your football bets, but there is also an extensive selection of football leagues to bet on. Bookmakers continue to expand what you’re able to bet on and this includes the football matches that you can place bets on, available betting markets, and the competitive bookmaker odds for some of Europe’s biggest fixtures.

Following on from a time where watching anything other than English football was a way of seeing more of the football that’s taking place globally, it’s also become a method of bolstering your football tips, with a view to achieving more returns than you’d see from merely backing a handful of results back in England. This isn’t to say that the English leagues should be disregarded, but you can certainly improve your chances of landing a bet by broadening your horizons.

How do I incorporate more into my football tips?

It would be foolish to focus on making a bet devoted exclusively to European leagues in the same way that it would be silly to only look at betting on English football. If you’re able to combine outcomes from all available leagues and make it balanced, you’ll stand a chance of making a far stronger bet but it’s only possible through doing it in a calculated manner.

Building your own football tips which include likely outcomes from throughout the world is possible. All you need in order to do this successfully is proper planning and some solid examples to base it on. In terms of the planning, it’s always best to look into the statistics and form of the teams you’re backing before placing any money behind it, as failing to do so could result in a lost bet. You’ll find this sort of foresight from TeamFA’s football section, where you’ll find informed football tips for all of the busiest days of the week.

What leagues are worth including?

Although it could seem too easy to primarily focus on key European leagues like Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga and French Ligue 1, these are the leagues that are strong enough to be worth considering. You could also consider divisions in Turkey, Brazil and China but with less of an emphasis on teams who dominate, it’s hard to choose a specific favorite to boost your bet.

In Italy, for example, you could add Juventus at home to a struggling side. The odds won’t be all that big, but the likelihood of them winning makes it worth backing and including them should be enough to boost the price of your football tip.


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