Soccer is a game that requires a lot of stamina from the players. As the players have to be active for the game of 90 minutes, they cannot carry a hobby of smoking or any other thing that can be hazardous for them. But still, some popular players have been caught by paparazzi with the cigarettes in their hands. Here we mentioned some of them.

Walter Frosch

He was a real one-off. Walter Frosch, a real defensive legend at FC St. Pauli and a professed chain smoker. One of the last of its kind, professional who could also admit his little vice. This is exactly why this interview has become so famous worldwide – the tipping pack is safely stored on the leg, so we will remember this popular figure. But it’s not just him who uses the glow stick more often: we have caught several other professionals who occasionally grab a cigarette. There is even a world champion on the list.

Wayne Rooney

The star of Manchester United not only had great times with the “Red Devils”. Women, party escapades, alcohol – the Englishman experienced all of this up close. He also liked to take a cigarette, but all of that should be a thing of the past: At FC Everton, his new employer, he is also planning a private new start.

Fabien Barthez

He was a great player at Toulouse FC, AS Monaco, and Manchester United. He also played for Olympique Marseille, FC Nantes, and the French national team – a real professional player, you might think. If it weren’t for smoking, he occasionally does it for enjoyment. But he not only smokes tobacco but every now and then also a neat joint or beard vape, as his trainer, Sir Alex Ferguson from Manchester United announced to the public.

Mario Balotelli

It really doesn’t surprise anyone that the Italian also gives in to his little vice more often. The striker is considered a real scandal footballer, so smoking is still one of his smallest sins. At his current club Nice, you hear surprisingly little about the daredevil, maybe the environment is good for him.

Lionel Messi

Even an exceptional talent like Lionel Messi seems to occasionally treat himself to a cigarette. A photo of him smoking was a big thing of discussion a few years ago on Twitter. You don’t want to imagine how good it would be if he stopped smoking, right?

Mesut Özil

A big excitement during his years in Madrid: Today’s Londoner is caught with a glow stick on a luxury yacht. He told about this incident to a popular newspaper that it was because of a lost and just a one-time thing. He also guaranteed that he doesn’t smoke at all. Let’s hope that it was really just a one-time experience.

Kevin-Prince Boateng

The brother of world champion Jerome Boateng was caught smoking while in Schalke. According to Metro.co.uk, Horst Heldt, the manager, commented on the matter: “After our 2-1 win in Leverkusen, that’s the doping test. Prince relaxes smoking a winning cigarette. And everyone knows that beer is the key. Almost all athletes drink this after competitions so that they can deal with doping control more quickly.”


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