The most popular sport to bet on in the world is football. Millions of people from all over the globe place football bets every week of the season. 

Some will bet on leagues local to them, so UK fans will bet on the Premier League and so forth. However, others will bet on leagues from all over the world, depending on what is happening at the time.

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This is a global sport, with fans from everywhere and betting on football reflects that, you will get combinations of fans betting from every continent on the action that is taking place on another continent around the world.

But what has made football betting so popular? Much of this is down to a combined effort between the bookmakers and those who hold TV rights. Bookmakers want to offer as many betting opportunities as possible, and TV companies want to show as many live games as possible.

Games shown live are far more popular for gamblers, and therefore, the world of football betting has grown because the number of live games has grown.

Live TV, Live Streaming and Live Betting

Three key ingredients in the success of football betting, and they all begin with the word live. It doesn’t matter what sport you are talking about, live-action makes betting far more attractive.

Live games from many different leagues are shown all over the world. This enhances the worldwide appeal of football and takes it away from being something that singularly appeals to those in a country where a major football league takes place.

Not every game can be shown live though, as many smaller leagues will tell you. This is where the bookmakers themselves have stepped in to help.

Many bookmakers offer a live streaming service to their players, allowing them to log onto their betting account and watch a live game of football on there.

These games are shown alongside live betting markets, giving you the chance to bet while a game is taking place, something new and something that has really taken off.

The Convenience Factor

We all want things done as quickly and easily as possible. This is evident in every aspect of life, and when it comes to betting, bookmakers have put together a service that offers this to us.

Mobile betting has increased a huge amount over the past few years, with companies offering mobile optimised websites and apps to their players.

These can be used to place bets from anywhere, you no longer need to be at home to bet on sport.

Some of those taking advantage of these are those that are actually attending the game. Thanks to your mobile betting app, you can sit in your seat and bet on the game you are watching. The ultimate in convenience.

The General Bookmaking Service

This is something that doesn’t just affect football, but it affects those who gamble on every sport. The actual bookmaking service we are all receiving from them has greatly improved over the past few years.

This includes a number of different things, but especially welcome offers to get new gamblers into betting on different sports.

The soccer sign up offers on FreeBets.uk are a perfect example of these. The bookmakers have created these offers to get people to sign up with them, and they are now a big part of the betting service we all receive.

These are not specific to football, if you bet on other sports you will receive similar offers. However, with football being the most popular sport amongst fans, and more fans turning to betting, it makes sense that football continues to be the biggest betting sport in the world.


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