There are several reasons why people travel the world. Some want to see sandy white beaches, salty sea air, and great, salty drinks, while some want to climb the highest mountains in the world. Other people have a desire to visit cities with vibrant nightlife. 

All of these are great reasons why you should visit a new location. There is, however, another reason why some want to travel. It is for the experience of available gambling opportunities. Games offered in various places can be similar – if not the same – then the locations offer a lot of activities to do aside from those that are offered within the casinos.

Here are some of the best European locations for gambling! 


Online casino is common in the veins of Europe. However, the real thing might be a better experience. 

Amsterdam is a grand city that provides everything you need for a good time at any time! In Amsterdam, time flies by fast. Amsterdam boasts the Van Gogh Museum, unique scents from their countless coffee shops, the sights in the Red Light district, and the brewed nightlife that Amsterdam offers. All these pleasure powerhouses make it easy to miss and make gambling options almost impossible. 

However, they are located easily near their popular canals. The casinos in Amsterdam give you a peek of an Amstermdam more different than the widespread XXX image one conjures up easily when Amsterdam is mentioned. The Holland Casino Amsterdam Centre has a posh look and feel that can almost feel so close to Las Vegas, but it has an entry fee, and there are no free drinks there. 


Next up, we have London. London is the capital of England, the largest city there, too, and is near the River Thames in south-east England. It is considered a global city with a widespread impact on various industries, including fashion, media, science, and commerce. 

The gem of London when it comes to gambling is the Hippodrome Casinos. It offers live gaming, several with large screens to view almost any sporting event you can imagine, and multiple venues for entertainment. Every year, the casino welcomes millions of visitors.

Overall, London has more than 665 slot machines and 360 tables – as well as a poker scene that is hard to miss, with 99 live tables. 


Latvia, a Baltic country, only gained independence from Russian occupation after the Soviet Union collapsed. Ever since, Latvia has continuously reinvented itself, which has resulted in great and robust economic growth, furthering its economic potential. It has also notably made gambling legal, although it holds up quite differently to Las Vegas standards. 

The gambling scene here in Latvia lies with Riga, the heart and capital of Latvia. Riga comprises a third of Latvia’s total population. It was also a trade route. In Riga, you can spot a few casinos strewn across Old Town. Over recent years, the hotels here have gotten more upscale. 


Berlin is Europe’s most sophisticated city, becoming a hub for the beer production and automobile industries. Its skyline is filled with high-rise buildings, historical landmarks, and museums you should visit. After the Berlin Wall fell, the city’s population increased, thus making the city a powerhouse city in Europe. 

Berlin boasts a bustling nightlife, with tasteful adult entertainment and high-end clubs. Notably, you can find casinos in Alexanderplatz Square. There are two sophisticated casinos. 

In Berlin, you can also try out the Spielbank Casino, which offers over 350 gaming machines. There are five casinos in the city, with 16 live poker tables and 770 gaming machines available. 

The largest casino in Berlin is Spielbank Casino, 118,00 square feet of casino floor and offers over 350 gaming machines. The city has a total of five casinos with 770 total gaming machines, 21 tables, and 16 live poker tables.

Wrapping Up

When in a travel destination, you should make the most out of it! Europe is a mature travel experience. It is best to research first and then plan out all your European travel activities, which may include gambling. Prepare well. Happy travels! 

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