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17th August 2017

The ball went up and down in a flash, rendering Marc Andre Ter Stegen helpless. It was an unstoppable strike that was exquisitely struck. The perfect way to kill Barcelona’s hopes in Supercopa de España. The man behind that venomous strike was none other than Marco Asensio Willemsen.

After scoring in the first leg, he brought smiles on the faces of  Madridistas at the Santiago Bernabeu with another sensational performance. In the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo, he stepped up and stunned his rivals with an amazing hit.


Thanks Rafa!

The origins and meteoric rise of Marco Asensio are akin to a fairytale. It was almost as though he was destined to don the Royal whites and play for Los Blancos. Years ago, it was his mother who promised Florentino Perez that his son would play for Real Madrid one day. Evidently, she was right.

Marco Asensio, named after Marco van Basten, joined Mallorca at a young age and, as he progressed, senior players quickly noticed his potential. They sensed something big and special. The legendary Vicente Del Bosque recognized and hailed him as Spain’s biggest talent at the time. Strangely enough, it was actually, Rafael Nadal who helped him fulfill his dream.

As expected, clubs like Barcelona were interested in a prospect like Marco Asensio. But tennis legend and a Madridista, Rafael Nadal played a pivotal role in ensuring Asensio made the switch to Real Madrid. His phone call to Florentino Perez was instrumental, to say the least as he had an active role in the transfer.


Quick, skillful and gifted with the ability to pull strings in the final third, Asensio was already making headlines at Mallorca. He is everything you want from a footballer. His jaw dropping first touch, immaculate poise on the ball combined with exceptional dribbling skills marked him a cut above the rest. He is a rare natural talent with a plethora of skills in his artillery.

It is rightly said that for artists, the ball is a friend. Marco Asensio certainly signifies that. He can beat a defender with quick feet or trickery or with a combination of both. Moreover, he is a versatile attacker who can make his presence felt on both flanks and through the center. Players with such a vast array of skill sets are truly blessed.


On his arrival in Real Madrid, Asensio quickly settled in, made his mark and became a fan favourite. He scored some extraordinary goals which were out of this world and delivered some staggering performances. Naturally, expectations surrounding him began to rise in waves.

But his only problem before the start of 2018/19 season was Cristiano Ronaldo occupying his position on the left flank. But with Cristiano’s move to Juventus, that was not to be the case anymore.


Surprisingly, Asensio’s performance has not been up to the mark and quite underwhelming in the current season. It should have been the opposite with more freedom but that has not been the case. Football is a team sport and scapegoating one or two players can be very unfair at times, more so when the team’s performance is way below their usual standards.

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Marco Asensio’s recent poor run of form is a contributing factor to the team’s failures but the recent change of coaches, tactical approaches to the game and the ever-changing role of a player in the past few months haven’t helped either. He is a diamond who needs polishing and some time away from public scrutiny. The 2018/19 campaign has proven to be a challenge, however, Marco has enough talent in his artillery to overcome such obstacles.

Asensio is truly one of a kind. He can change the game in a blink of an eye but impatience is a natural phenomenon at the Santiago Bernabeu. He cannot shy away from responsibilities forever and must step up and show the world how gifted he is. Hunger, hard work and determination are virtues of world-class players and Asensio must realize that talent requires mentality, too. He was always touted as the prince who would take the mantle from the king and the future is now.

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