December 8, 2023
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The Champions League is Europe’s best competition. It involves the best clubs from each league, playing for possibly the most wanted trophy. Throughout the years, there were many legendary matches that will stay embedded in the fans’ memory without a doubt.

These matches proved that the impossible is possible and that everything can be done if you set your mind to it. During these games, players have given not 100%, but 110%, and managed to carry their clubs from the ashes of defeat, rising like a phoenix.

Nobody ever believed that a comeback from a 3 or 4 goal deficit is possible. Well, not until people were proven wrong. During times when everyone was sure about who will continue to the next phase, and when even betting sites were giving them little chance of coming back, some clubs managed to fight back.

To make matters more interesting, there were some believers who even made a huge profit out of the games. Because the comebacks were unlikely to happen, betting websites were giving the teams ridiculously high odds. Online betting sites like MightyTips reported that very few people, mostly fans, profited huge amounts with small bets.

This year, on the other hand, Manchester City are the favorites to win the Champions League. Their odds are 9/2. Barcelona comes in second with 11/2, and Liverpool is third with 15/2.  Real Madrid and PSG complete the top 5 list. Real Madrid’s odds are the same as Liverpool, and PSG’s odds are 10/1. Juventus are also high on the list, their odds are the same as PSG.

There is no doubt the following comebacks will be remembered forever, and these stories will be told for the generations to come. The list will be filled with the most memorable games.

Barcelona – PSG (2016/2017)

The only 4-goal deficit comeback in history. And what a comeback it was. The first leg ended up with a -0 win for PSG, an unexpectedly win, and with a big goal difference. But, you should never cross Barcelona out. The second leg winner was decided in a matter of minutes after Neymar was the key when he scored 2 and assisted 1 in 5 minutes. Barcelona ended up victorious with a 6-1 win and a 6-5 aggregate score.

Roma – Barcelona (2017/2018)

Who would’ve thought that Roma will end up in the semi-finals in 2017/2018? Nevertheless, their journey had already come to an end according to the experts when they drafted Barcelona in the quarter-finals. And everybody was right when the first match ended with Barcelona demolishing them with a 4-1 score. Roma needed a 3 goal lead without conceding in the rematch, and that was practically impossible. Not for Roma. After Edin Dzeko and Danielle De Rossi scored, Kostas Manolas found the net and came out on top in the 82nd minute. The scenes were unbelievable, and Roma beat Barcelona to continue to the next round that season.

Liverpool – Barcelona (2018/2019)

This game was probably the most exciting game in the tournament last season. After Barcelona came out with a 3-0 win from the first leg, it was practically impossible for Liverpool to score 4 goals in the rematch. Well, that is exactly what happened. Everybody will remember the 4th goal by Origi. The quickly taken corner will be remembered for a long time, and the match will one of the greatest ever. This knockout was on the heels from Roma’s unbelievable task from last year and it did make Barcelona look very weak under pressure.  Liverpool went on to win the title and said that they will work hard to achieve even more in the following season.

Milan – Liverpool (2004/2005)

It was “that” night in Istanbul. Where the impossible was made possible. The 2005 final is probably the greatest match ever, not just in the Champions League, but overall. After losing 3-0 in the first half, all hope was lost for Liverpool. Then, they came out reborn in the second half, demolishing Milan and finishing the match 3-3. The penalties were the best thing ever. It was really exciting, and nobody will ever forget the last penalty that was saved by Dudek and crowned Liverpool as the champions of Europe.


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