Bored with the same old apps, websites and streaming services? Ready for something exciting, innovative and brand new? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re after more football content or something completely different to The Beautiful Game, there are plenty of new options out there for you to investigate as the nights draw in and the temperature drops to below freezing.

During the festive season, many of us find ourselves with more downtime on our hands than usual. This is often due to a combination of disrupted working hours, holiday time, and a sudden lack of outdoor activities thanks to the inclement weather. The good news is that the autumn and wintertime are often busy in the world of tech and online entertainment as companies scramble to provide new content for customers stuck inside. No matter your situation, there is sure to be something on offer this winter that will pique your interest. Let’s take a look at some of the top options.

two people playing Sony PS4 game console

Get Gaming!

2021 has been a great year for video games in general, but this autumn saw the hotly anticipated release of the renamed eFootball PES 2022, Football Manager 2022 and FIFA 22 for PC and console. If you’re already an Xbox gamer, then FM22 is the best way to go as there is an exclusive Xbox edition of this title. There is also a streamlined version of the game available for the Nintendo Switch, whereas it is not available on the PS5 at all. Conversely, if you’re a diehard Sony fan, then FIFA 22 is, of course, available for the Playstation 5 as well as every other major games console and has received a generally positive reception. PES enthusiasts beware, however, as the consensus opinion around this rebranded title is that it falls far below what players have come to expect from the popular Konami franchise.

If you’d rather step away from football during your free time, then it’s worth going down a more traditional gaming avenue. Classic casino games including slots, table games and even live dealer lobbies provide the perfect way to pass some time and improve your cerebral prowess whilst you relax at home. Sites such as Vegas Slots Online compile all the best new online casinos every month and present you with info on fresh titles, bonuses and promotions and, most importantly, safe gaming practices. The benefits of going with a newly established online casino include innovation, generosity, specialization and better branding. Lucky for you, VSO’s comprehensive guides are all you need to read before setting out on a new online casino journey of your own.

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Find New Films and TV

Whilst you’ll already be glued to the TV for any important matches broadcast over the winter period, what do you do when there isn’t a football game on? The answer lies in new streaming service offers from Peacock, Discovery Plus and Apple TV Plus. Peacock is a particularly interesting platform having just launched in April last year. As an offshoot of American media company NBCUniversal, it recently became available to viewers in the UK via Sky and Now subscriptions. Whether you fancy re-watching a classic blockbuster like Jurassic Park or Back to the Future, or would rather get stuck into something offbeat like Dallas Buyers Club or Moonrise Kingdom, there is plenty of choice here. Alternatively, Discovery Plus provides tens of thousands of non-fiction shows ranging from favourites like Planet Earth through to cult classics like MythBusters and How It’s Made.

Apple TV has had a funny journey since its initial release as a piece of hardware back in 2006. Since then, the Apple TV app has experienced moderate success with the tech company’s customers, but in 2019 Apple TV+ was launched. This streaming service hosts Apple Original content including TV shows and movies. If you’ve not seen it already, then Ted Lasso is a must-watch on the platform and is exclusive to Apple TV+. The show centres around the American coach of fictional Premiership football team AFC Richmond and his unconventional approach to the job. It’s been a hit with audiences all over the world and the best part is that you don’t even have to like football to enjoy it, so it’s one to show the whole family.

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