Bildnummer: 13113464 Datum: 19.05.2012 Copyright: imago/Jan Huebner 19.05.2012, UEFA Champions League, FC Bayern Muenchen - FC Chelsea London v.l. Bastian Schweinsteiger (FC Bayern München) enttaeuscht, enttaeuscht schauend, dissapointed ; kbdig 2012 quer Action Aktion Calcio Fussball Le Fotball Soccer Deutschland Germany Voetball Futbol Le Football Finale Final Image number 13113464 date 19 05 2012 Copyright imago Jan Huebner 19 05 2012 UEFA Champions League FC Bavaria Munich FC Chelsea London v l Bastian Schweinsteiger FC Bavaria Munich DISAPPOINTED DISAPPOINTED looking Kbdig 2012 horizontal Action Action shot Calcio Football Le Fotball Soccer Germany Germany Futbol Le Football Final Final

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