December 8, 2023

Football as it already has a wide range of matches being played daily. Now former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger announced his suggestion for the UEFA Nations League to be discarded and the FIFA World Cup and Euro tournaments to be taking place every other year in a bid to adapt to the “modern world”.

Currently, the Euros and World Cup tournament are only held every four years. The Euros, which was previously set to take hold this year was pushed to the next summer due to the coronavirus outbreak, while World Cup is set to hold in 2022 and online baccarat are already preparing odds ahead for the qualifying rounds.

The Nations League tournament, which was introduced in 2018, was said to have been created to ensure competition between countries in between the events of the World Cup and Euros. They are now in the second holding of the two-year-old UEFA tournament.

In its first campaign, the Nations League trophy was won by Portugal, who defeated Netherlands 1-0 in the final back in June 2019, due to a 60th-minute goal scored by Valencia star Goncalo Guedes.

However, former Arsenal manager Wenger took to the media to claim that most football fans do not put much of their attention or a need to understand the Nations League. He proceeded to claim that the Euros and World Cup should instead be held every two years rather than the four years as this will be giving the average football fan something to care about on the international stage.

Speaking to Bild, via Goal, he said: “We need to get rid of the Nations League and find clearer events that everyone understands. If you ask people in the street what the Nations League is, you won’t find many able to explain it.

“We need to have a few events as possible. One World Cup and one European Championship every other year would probably be more appropriate for a modern world.”

According to this logic, the qualifying round matches will only be held just a month, while also simplifying the process of the rights to be sold to both the sponsors and broadcasters.

Arsene Wenger also confirmed to the media that FIFA has already started a discussion regarding this matter, while also rejecting the idea of “holding a major tournament more often would make it’s lose its sparkle“, in which newzealandcasinos online casino had formerly expressed their concerns over.

He continued: “I always tell people who say this that the image is not linked to the time you wait before playing again, but rather the quality of the competition. After all, people also watch the Champions League every year.”

He added: “I think it would be a great step forward.”

It is unknown just what the future holds, and with Wenger, having confirmed the FIFA is currently having this discussion, maybe just maybe we should be looking forward to it.


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