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The sports industry has many activities all over the world however, football proves to be the most dominant of all. It has way more fans in different parts of the globe than any other type of sport.

As a matter of fact, according to FIFA estimates, over 265 million people play football. And the sport has 3.5 billion fans worldwide.

This is because of many reasons that have attracted many people both young and old and male and female.

Here’s what you need to know about football that has made it dominant in the sports world.

1. Doesn’t Have An Age Limit

Unlike other sports that have age limits, football doesn’t have any because it accommodates everyone. Both children and adults can enjoy football freely without any limitations.

For example, according to the NFL policy, to qualify as a player you need to have left high school 3 years back. And in the NBA, you must have left high school a year before to be able to join the sport.

However, with football, there are no such limitations and it has tournaments for young players like the under 17.

2. Unlimited Tournaments

There are way more football tournaments than in any other sport. It has competitions throughout the year from January to December. This keeps football fans entertained daily and this has attracted more people to the sport.

In fact, as some tournaments close in some seasons, others are open. And more are preparing to kick off. This keeps the sport active all the time.

This is not only advantageous to sports fans who get unlimited entertainment throughout the year. But it also keeps the online sports industry in business all year long. Because when some other sports are closed, people can bet on many active football events. You can easily find them at the best football betting sites listed on some online resources. It has an updated list of many trustworthy betting sites and an overview of the various football betting markets. And the best football leagues to bet on. Additionally, the platform checks for the best welcome bonuses, so you can boost your bankroll!

3. Easy to Play

Football is among the easiest sports you can ever play or watch. You can easily understand the basics of the game in a few minutes. This isn’t the case with some other sports like basketball or baseball. You won’t easily understand how the points are given especially if you have never played or watched the game.

But with football, even if you are new to the game you master the first basics and later learn the complex rules. You just need to know that whichever team scores the most goals – wins! Learning the rules of the game are simple too, with the offside rule being the most complicated. Outside of that you just need to get a grip of red and yellow cards and of course penalties. There are always new rules being suggested all the time such as should football bring in a black card?

4. Persuasive Advertisements

The world’s biggest football brands invest in a lot of marketing to ensure they attract billions of fans to their events. They use many advertisement channels like sponsoring various events, using TVs and radio adverts among others.

Well, football is a multi-billion industry and this is why a lot of money is invested in it. For example, according to Statista’s current figures, the revenue from the European Soccer Market between the 2019and 2020 seasons was estimated at €25.2 billion.

5. It’s Internationally Played

Unlike some sports you can’t find in other countries, football is played in the majority if not all countries all over the world. There are tournaments for some regions and continents that ensure that most of the countries participate.

For example, the Africa Cup and World Cup, and FIFA has 211 member countries from different regions. It categorizes them into OFC, AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, and UEFA.

However, most of the unpopular sports are for just a few regions like cricket which is most popular in the UK, Plus baseball which is also popular in America, some parts of Asia, and Europe. Not forgetting American football that is dominantly common in only the USA.

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